Common winter drain clogging issues

Winter can be a difficult time for drains; the change in temperature, wetter weather and us being at home more, can all contribute to issues.

What causes clogged/blocked drains in winter?

One of the most common problems during autumn and winter is that of natural debris. As leaves fall and plants die off there is more natural matter on the ground and flying through the air – this can cover drains and grates, as well as blocking up guttering and pipes.

The drop in temperature can also cause any standing water to freeze. These bits of ice will then block up your pipes or drains and stop any water or waste flowing freely through the system.

Spending more time indoors can also wreak havoc with drainage if you’re not disposing of waste correctly. From pouring things down the plughole to flushing rubbish down the loo – these things can cause problems but are easily avoidable.

How can you prevent these issues?

Take the time right now to inspect and repair any problems. Check your outside drains for leaves, mulch, twigs and even wildlife. Keeping on top of the winter cleaning routine will mean you won’t be clearing large amounts at one time. Look in your guttering too as debris could be coming down from your roof and blocking your drains without you noticing.

Keep any exposed pipework warm with insulation and if you notice any freezing, use a towel soaked in warm water to slowly melt the blockage.

Dispose of your indoor waste correctly by binning any other bathroom waste than the toilet necessities and not tipping leftovers or fats down the kitchen sink.

Still got a pain in the drain? Then call us! We can offer advice and come out to look at any issues.

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