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Getting your drains and pipes winter ready

Like it or not, winter is coming, and the harsh elements can put our homes under some extra strain. Here are some simple tips on maintaining your drains and pipes during the colder months.

Make sure your boiler is healthy

The last thing you want during winter is having your boiler shut down. Are you up to date with having your boiler serviced? A broken boiler will not only make your home environment unpleasant, but you will be putting your pipes at risk from freezing which could cause even bigger issues.

Blitz your kitchen sink with boiling water

The colder temperatures in your home can reach your pipes, meaning any traces of fats and oils are more likely to solidify and harden. Occasionally, flush boiling water from the kettle down your sink to remove any minor build up and help prevent blockages.

Insulate your pipes

If you have pipes that you think might be more exposed by the elements, it’s a good idea to ensure they are well insulated to help prevent freezing and pipe damage.

Clear all your gutters and drains from debris

Autumn leaves and winter dirt can slip down your drains causing blockages and potentially, damage and leaks. Make sure to check them regularly and keep them clear. If you think you already have a blocked drain issue that is out of your reach, now is the time to take action and get an inspection ahead of a harsh winter. We offer CCTV inspections and surveys which will uncover what the blockage is and determine how to fix it.

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