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Why is Water Pressure Important?

Many of us hear about water pressure and know that it is important to the health of our homes, but not many of us know exactly what it is or why. We believe in keeping our drains and pipes in pristine condition, so we’ve put together a quick guide to teach you why water pressure is an important aspect to our homes.

To understand exactly why water pressure is important, especially over the winter period, we first need to understand exactly what it is. Water pressure is the measure of force used to move water through the pipes and drains in our homes, businesses and public spaces. If you have ever turned on a tap to find only a trickle of water is coming out, it can indicate that the water pressure is very low and weak. Water pressure can depend on the area you live in due to the water authorise or the amount of water that is being used.

Water pressure is an important factor all year round, but especially in winter months. Water is often taken for granted, and many of us expect water to flow out of our taps straight away. Water that slowly comes out of taps or in an inconsistent way, it can mean the water pressure is too low or too high. When water pressure is too high, it could cause leaks within your pipes as they are not used to the high standard of pressures. However when water pressure is too low, you could struggle to get any water from the taps at all, and definitely not enough to fill a bath tub or have a quick shower. Your water pressure will need to have the right balance, as this will keep your pipes from bursting or your taps from drying up. The right water pressure can also help to keep your pipes and drains functioning as they should be throughout the winter months. This is because it decreases the chances of your pipes freezing up and cracking as the water flow can also help to indicate this.

If you’re unsure about your water pressure and would like a professional to look over your pipes and draining systems, we’d be happy to help. To find out more information and advice about water pressure or to simply get in touch with a member of our friendly team, simply give us a call on 0800 849 8099 or by visiting our contact page.