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Leamington Spa Blocked Drain Clearance, Cleaning & Repair
Warwickshire, CV31

This is what we do to solve your Leamington Spa drainage problems:

  1. Arrive promptly.
  2. Clear the troublesome blockage,
  3. Charge the price quoted,

Job done!

This is why we are the Leamington Spa #1 favourite drain contractor, our reviews say it all!

We are customer driven, undertake quality drainage works, always at a great price anywhere through Warwickshire, simply because we care!

Whilst Leamington Spa drain clearance is not the world’s most glamorous job, we think it’s important, no job is too big or too small.

We offer fantastic fixed price Leamington Spa drain service so we take out any worry about the price.  Our reviews confirm you are dealing with the good guys.

What some of our Leamington Spa drainage customers say about us ‘’Very impressed. Arrived at the house within 2 hours of us placing the initial call. Could not have been more helpful. We would not hesitate to call again and will recommend to friends.” and they also say “Brilliant! On Time. Very quick and tidy.” and further “Excellent!

We are proud to say all of our reviews are independently verified.

Customer driven plus great price and service…

Highly rated at Checkatrade!
Happy Drains Ltd
2582 reviews 9.85 out of 10

Unblocking external drains.

“The engineer was very knowledgeable of the problem and was very efficient in carrying out the work.”

Unblocked kitchen sink.

“It took about 10 minutes to sort out the problem. No issues. Very pleased with the service. Fast, Polite and efficient.”

Blocked drain.

“Called in for a blocked drain causing the toilet to back up. Arrived within an hour of calling and the problem sorted very quickly and efficiently. Very friendly and helpful advice given and the whole episode from first phone call to finish well within an hour and a half. Would recommend without hesitation.”

Kitchen sink unblocked

“2 engineers turned up on time, phoned ahead, went straight to work, very pleasant to talk to. Sorted it all out in no time. Great teamwork with the main sales office too. A pleasure to deal with.”

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Leamington Spa CV31 emergency blocked drain clearance, cleaning & repair.

Fast service assured in Warwickshire.

or our office mobile
07824 757572

Buying, selling, moving or building in Leamington Spa?

The sort of problems we can find in Leamington Spa drains and sewers include.

  • Root penetration through joints
  • Displaced, dropped or open joints

Our trained Leamington Spa drainage operatives quickly and accurately diagnose and code the Leamington Spa drain defects using the latest industry standard drain CCTV surveying equipment and reporting software. Our technical reports identify and pinpoint all the relevant findings and Leamington Spa drainage problems. All our reports are easy to understand, complete with colour stills and recommendations.

House Pre-Purchase Report: We undertake a fixed price Leamington Spa home buyer CCTV drain survey. In Leamington Spa CV31 we include in our price technical reports that show any defects, with a quotation for any remedial repairs required.

Repair Works

From minor localised pin point repairs to the complete overhaul of a Leamington Spa drainage system, we have the expertise and equipment to carry out the works professionally and efficiently using ‘no dig’ and ‘excavation’ techniques.

Re-lining isn’t suitable for every application, so where necessary we are equipped to carry out traditional excavation methods for drainage repair or replacement. Whatever the chosen option it will represent the best value option available to save time and money.

Drainage experts to clear Leamington Spa blockages quickly

Not only that but at a great price, efficiently & safely.

All it takes is a couple of clicks or just one phone call to our friendly team member. Skilled and trained to deal with all Leamington Spa CV31 drainage and WC blockage problems.

Normally the vast majority of Warwickshire blockages are solved in one visit using electro-mechanical machinery and high pressure jetting.

The best bit is that electro-mechanical machinery and high pressure jetting is included in the price.

“Brilliant! On Time. Very quick and tidy.” and there’s more…

Highly rated at Checkatrade!
2582 reviews 9.85 out of 10

Drain cover ground away. Blockage cleared. Advice given to help prevent any further problems.

“Happy drains turned up 1 and a half hours after I phoned them and cleared up the blockage and gave very helpful advice about our drains to prevent any further issues. Couldn’t be happier with the timeliness and works done.”

Unblocked outside drain.

“Worked fast were friendly and phoned to say when they were coming. Booking was easy and I didn’t have to wait to have the drain dealt with.”

Drain unblocking.

“I called Happy Drains Ltd at 9am to report problems with our drains and to see if they could help. The lady on the phone was extremely helpful – a Happy Drains Ltd worker was at our house by 10am (and this wasn’t an urgent job). He was very helpful and polite and made a real effort to make sure the problem was sorted. He found a blocked drain that was nearly overflowing outside and managed to unblock it and have everything working within an hour and a half.”

Cleared blocked drain.

“Very polite, courteous, efficient and professional. Job done.”

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